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Holy City Straw Company offers  sustainable, 100% plastic free drinking straws for the eco-conscience consumer.

Introducing Our Retail Line of Earth Straws

Inner Pack - Cocktail Reed and Wheat
Holy City Straw Company Tall and Cocktail Wheat Retail Straw Inner Pack of 10 Boxes 50ct

Wheat Straw Product Offerings

Cocktail | Inner Pack of 10 Boxes | 50ct
Tall | Inner Pack of 10 Boxes | 50ct


Ready to stock your store shelves?

Our 50ct. single-use wheat, and 10ct. reusable reed packs are the ideal sustainable product addition for any large or  specialty grocer, zero waste retailer, or niche store.

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Holy City Straw Company Tall and Cocktail Retail Reusable Reed Straw Inner Pack of 20 Boxes 10ct

Reusable Reed Straw Product Offering

Cocktail | Inner Pack of 20 Boxes | 10ct
Tall | Inner Pack of 20 Boxes | 10ct

Farm to glass icon

Farm to Glass

Gluten free icon

Gluten Free

100 bio based icon


100% Biodegradable

100% Biodegradable


Zero manufacting icon

Zero Manufacturing

Straw Ban Exempt

Straw Ban Exempt

Marine Degradable icon

Marine Degradable

Zero waste icon

Zero Waste


Farm to Glass Icon

Farm to Glass

Gluten Free Icon

Gluten Free

100% Bio-based Icon


100% Biodegradable Ico

100% Biodegradable

Zero Manufacturing Icon

Zero Manufacturing

Straw Ban Exempt

Straw Ban

Marine Degradable Icon

Marine Degradable

Zero Waste Icon

Zero Waste

Retail Product offering of Wheat Straw - 50, 100 and 500 count Packs  Bamboo Straw Holder

Wheat Straw Product Offerings

Cocktail | 50ct., 100ct., 500ct 
Tall | 50ct., 100ct., 500ct. 
Bamboo Straw Holder


Looking to dropship or make a wholesale purchase for your ecommerce store?

Our eco-product straw portfolio and accessories will sure to attract homeowners looking to live a zero-waste lifestyle. 

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Retail Product offering of Reusable Reed Straw - 10  and 250 count Packs Bamboo Bar Caddy

Reusable Reed Straw Product Offering

Cocktail | 10ct.
Tall | 10ct., 250ct., 500ct.
Bamboo Straw Holder
Two Straw/Pouch Combo


Partnership Highlights


Attractive Margins Icon

Attractive Above Average Margins
For all retail and ecommerce  partners.

Growing Market Icon

Growing In-store Straw Market
$100+ million market annually and growing at 5% according to Nielson.

Sustainability Sells

Sustainability Sells 
According to Inc, 73% of Millennials are willing to spend more money on sustainable products.


Sustainability Market Momentum Icon

Sustainability Market Momentum 
The current momentum for sustainable, zero waste products  is accelerating.  

Straw ban Icon

Straw Ban Ordinance
Local regulation eliminating single-use plastics is increasing throughout the country. This is driving consumer demand for eco-friendly alternatives. 

Market Opportunity Icon

Huge Market Penetration 
Our retail portfolio offers a 100% plastic free alternative to plastic, paper, or bioplastic PLA and PHA drinking straws.


Flexible Partnership Icon

Flexible Partnership Options
Wholesale or dropship options.

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In-Store Marketing 
In-store stand up displays and table top check out displays.

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Digital Marketing Collateral 
Online portal of digital media for socials and email marketing.  

Holy City Straw Company Single Wheat Straw

Holy City Straw Retail/Reseller Application

We appreciate your interest in becoming a preferred Retailer/Reseller.  Feel free to fill our the application for consideration and we will make sure we let you know if you are a good fit to partner with Holy City Straw Company.