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Today, greenwashing is everywhere in the foodservice and hospitality industry. There is so much confusing terminology and false claims being made, making it very difficult for businesses to understand the true scope of what they are buying from a sustainability standpoint.

Why is Holy City Straw Company Different? Simply put, we take the guesswork out of sustainability and validate all of our eco-claims and credentials utilizing reputable third party certification agencies. Our comprehensive portfolio is a one stop shop for businesses looking to Go Green.

100% Plastic Free

100% Plastic Free

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Gluten Free

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Certified Compostable


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Food Safe Compiant

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FCS Certified

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Green Business Verified


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100% Plastic Free


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Certified Compostable

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Food Safe Compliant

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FSC Certified


Green Business Verified

Certified USDA biobased

USDA 100% and 99% Biobased Reed and Wheat Stem Drinking Straw Certification

The USDA has recognized our wheat straws as 99% biobased and our reed straws & bamboo cutlery as 100% biobased. 

The biobased composition of a product plays a pivotal role in evaluating its genuine sustainability. Biobased materials are derived from renewable resources, steering away from non-renewable fossil-fuel-based carbon sources like petroleum.

We are delighted to announce that our Drinking Straws and Bamboo Cutlery have received certification as Biobased products from the USDA's BioPreferred Program. This program, spearheaded by the USDA, is committed to advancing markets for biobased products.

To ensure the credibility of our claims, our straws and cutlery underwent rigorous testing using ASTM D6866-20 methods. These tests, which assess carbon 14 content (bio content), were conducted by esteemed third-party laboratories, including Beta Analytic Testing Laboratories and Center for Applied Isotope Studies at the University of Georgia. Adopting our biobased products means choosing sustainability and supporting eco-friendly alternatives.


CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE & 100% Biodegradable 

Compost Manufacturing Alliance Logo CMA-S Substrate Approved

Elevate your sustainability game in the foodservice industry with our certified compostable Drinking Straws and Bamboo Cutlery.

These eco-friendly alternatives have achieved certification and registration with the Compost Manufacturing Alliance's (CMA) CMA-S (Substrate Acceptance) program, meeting the standards of ASTM 6400 and ASTM D6868 for composability in both municipal and industrial composting facilities.

As the gold standard in compostable products, Compost Manufacturing Alliance sets the bar high for environmentally conscious solutions. Their CMA-S program goes beyond lab testing, conducting rigorous field disintegration testing to ensure that our products break down seamlessly within the composting production cycle. This makes our offerings the top choice for sustainability in the foodservice sector.

Not only are our products certified compostable, but they are also verified to be 100% plant-based, making them ideal for backyard home composting. Beyond the certifications, our Drinking Straws and Bamboo Cutlery stand out by 100% biodegrading after use in any environment, even without composting. This distinctive feature sets them apart from bioplastics, which often require commercial composting for proper decomposition and may otherwise contribute to downstream waste.


Certified 100% PLASTIC FREE

Oceanic Blue Standard logo.png__PID:8a39162f-713c-492a-91e5-89832f73fabd

Certified 100% plastic and petroleum-free by The Blue Standard from Oceanic Global, our products stand out among plastic and bioplastic alternatives.

Discover true sustainability with our Drinking Straws and Bamboo Cutlery – not just products "made from plants," but products that are plants. Unlike bioplastics that often contain high levels of resources derived from non-renewable fossil-fuel-based carbon, our products are nurtured and crafted by Mother Earth herself.

In alignment with our dedication to sustainability, our commitment extends to our packaging. We use 100% plastic-free recycled paperboard packaging for all our products, reinforcing our pledge to minimize environmental impact. Printing is done with soy or water-based eco inks, contributing to reduced air pollution and a healthier planet.

The Blue’s Standard product seal represents a groundbreaking standard in the consumer packaged goods industry. This seal verifies our products and packaging as 100% plastic-free and sustainably sourced. We take pride in earning this recognition and being pioneers in ushering a more sustainable future within our industry.

Why opt for 100% plant-based solutions? Beyond meeting certification standards, embracing plant-based products is crucial for sustainability. By choosing our Drinking Straws and Bamboo Cutlery, you actively contribute to a healthier planet, supporting a supply chain that is regenerative and eco-friendly.



Center for environmental Health Logo.png__PID:713cd92a-d1e5-4983-af73-fabd4cabf7b5

Our products undergo rigorous testing, and we're delighted to announce that our entire portfolio is free from added PFAS/PFOS.

In recent years, heightened awareness of the health impacts associated with perfluorinated alkylated substances ("PFAS") has prompted concern due to their widespread use in various industrial processes and consumer products (United States Environmental Protection Agency, n.d.)

A groundbreaking August 2023 study conducted by scientists in Belgium (Boisacq et al., 2023), revealed alarming findings. Testing dozens of drinking straws from supermarkets, retail stores, and fast-food restaurants, the study discovered that a majority of these straws contained PFAS. This revelation sheds light on a pressing issue, particularly in the realm of sustainable choices for businesses in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

In our unwavering commitment to human health, we've taken proactive steps.  To ensure the utmost transparency, we entrust Q.C. Metallurgical Laboratory with industry-standard ASTM D1179 testing to verify the absence of Fluorine in our products.

Choosing PFAS-free solutions is not just about compliance; it's a fundamental step towards sustainable and responsible practices. Businesses in the foodservice and hospitality industry play a crucial role in shaping a healthier and eco-friendly future. 




It's crucial to emphasize that our wheat straws are crafted from the stems of the wheat plant, distinct from the wheat grains that contain gluten. 

Our meticulous process involves removing and harvesting the wheat grains before processing and cleaning the straws. To ensure the utmost safety, we collaborate with Great Plain Analytical Laboratory for regular batch testing to confirm gluten levels are consistently less than 10 ppm, aligning with the Gluten Free Organization's standards. We are pleased to share that our tests consistently show "not detected" for both gluten and gliadin.

However, it's important to note that while our wheat stem straws meet stringent gluten-free standards, we do not recommend them for individuals with wheat allergies (different from gluten allergies) or severe grass allergies to straw or hay. If you have any uncertainties, consulting with your allergy specialist is always a prudent step.


FCS Certified & CARBON Negative BAMBOO


Elevate your commitment to sustainability with our bamboo cutlery sourced from partners certified by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC.

Our suppliers possess chain of custody documents, validating that raw materials are derived from sustainable forestry practices. FSC certification ensures that the bamboo forest management preserves biodiversity, supports local communities, and upholds the well-being of workers.

Notably, our bamboo Cutlery stands as a carbon-negative product. Bamboo forests act as potent carbon sinks, storing two-thirds of their sequestered carbon in roots and soil. This below-ground captured carbon remains undisturbed when bamboo is harvested for our cutlery. Beyond carbon sequestration, bamboo plays a pivotal role in enhancing air quality, producing 35% more oxygen than other tree varieties. Research indicates that bamboo can absorb a remarkable 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

Choosing bamboo isn't just an eco-friendly choice; it's a powerful step towards reducing your carbon footprint. Our bamboo cutlery represents a sustainable alternative in the foodservice industry, aligning with environmental consciousness and responsible sourcing practices.



Eco Partners-Bureau-veritas

 our commitment to safety goes above and beyond industry standards. All our production partners strictly adhere to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Contact Safety Guidelines. 

To guarantee the utmost safety of our products, we've enlisted Bureau Veritas for food contact safety migration tests, employing methods such as UN 13130-1:2004, CEN/TS 13130-23:2005, and U.S. FDA 21 CFR 176.170. We're delighted to share that not only are we EU compliant, but we've also successfully passed the EU migration test (Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011).

While the FDA primarily regulates drinking straws with added chemicals during manufacturing to pass food contact safety tests, we take an extra step to assure our customers. Our products undergo independent testing for heavy metals, chemical residues, BPA, and other potentially harmful substances.


certified GREEN business


At Holy City, we are proud members of both the Green Business Bureau (GBB) and Green America, two of the most respected member organizations for sustainable minded businesses.

(GBB) is the trusted authority in green business. GBB's EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools enable businesses to understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices. As a trusted 3rd party, GBB provide businesses with an official seal to validate and promote their green commitment and accomplishments.

Green America is a nonprofit membership organization based in the United States that promotes environmentally aware, ethical consumerism. Green America’s Green Business Network® is the first and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country.