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PFAS and Paper Straws

The Spooky Truth About PFAS & Paper Straws:

October is a month of thrills and chills, but there's one thing that shouldn't be scary: the products you use every day. In this post, we delve into the unsettling topic of PFAS contamination and how our products offer a safe alternative.

What's So Scary About PFAS?

PFAS chemicals are found in various consumer goods and can have adverse health effects. What’s truly frightening is how persistent these chemicals are, sticking around in the environment and our bodies.There is considerable concern around the impact of PFAS on humans and wildlife. Studies suggest exposure to PFAS may lead to decreased fertility in women, developmental issues in children, interference with natural hormones, an increase in some cancer's, and other serious health issues (United States Environmental Protection Agency, n.d.).

Paper drinking straws may be harmful and may not be better for the environment than plastic versions, researchers warn!

Eco-friendly paper drinking straws contain long-lasting and potentially toxic chemicals, a new recent study has concluded. PFAS were found in the majority of the straws tested and were most common in those made from paper and bamboo, found the study, published in Food Additives & Contaminants (Boisacq et al., 2023).

Paper straws were most likely to contain PFAS, with the chemicals detected in 18/20 (90%) of the straws with highly variable concentrations between brands. “The presence of PFAS in plant-based straws shows that they are not necessarily biodegradable and that the use of such straws potentially contributes to human and environmental exposure of PFAS” (Boisacq et al., 2023).

At Holy City, our drinking straws contain No Added PFAS, offering you peace of mind and a safer choice:

Our endorsement by the Center for Environmental Studies for low to no PFAS and our compostability certification by Compost Manufacturing Alliance further solidifies our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. As part of the process to achieve such accreditations, we outsource testing to Q.C. Metallurgical Laboratory Inc., which performs industry standard ASTM D1179 testing methods for the existence of Fluorine and to ensure the levels are less than the maximum thresholds for compostability of 100mg/kg.......and they are!

"Learning about PFAS was like uncovering a horror story.  I'm relieved to have found Holy City Straw Company's PFAS-free products." – Recent Customer Review 

Here's how our products stand apart:

  • Chemical-Free - Our products are free from added PFAS and other toxic chemicals.
  • Plastic & Bioplastic Free - Our products are free of plastic and bioplastic.
  • Biobased - Our products are among the only 100% certified biobased drinking straws
  • Safety - Verified by third-party organizations, you can trust our products to be safe for both you and the environment.
  • Transparency - We're committed to full disclosure about our products' components and their impact.
Holy City Straw Co. 100% Plant Based Portfolio

In a world where hidden dangers like PFAS lurk in everyday items, choosing our products is choosing safety. You shouldn't have to compromise on health for the sake of convenience.

This October, let’s unmask the spooky truth about PFAS and make choices that prioritize safety and wellness. Check out our range of Verified PFAS Free products and make an informed choice today.

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